Robot Automation System ROI Calculator

This calculator shows the impact of cost saving and return on investment

ROI Robot calculator outline:

• Shows an estimate for a robotic system based on the application desired.

• Shows the cost savings between an industrial robot versus manual labour.

• Return on investment of the project.

All figures are estimates only and are intended to provide a guide to the potential ROI for companies making their first steps towards robotic automation.


1. Choose the application that the robot will perform and whether this will be based on a new robot or a refurbished robot.

2. Using the selection boxes choose the elements of the cell that you wish to include in your calculation.

3. Fill out the section of your current operational costings without the automation (on the left) along with the future intended staffing levels for the robotic cell (on the right).

4. Click Submit

Robot Application
A complete Robotic Cell Cost
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